Optimize Your Operations

Performance Requirements?

Do you know how well your operational processes are performing?

Digitize your operational activity tracking and logging.

Cloud-base performance analytics for Your Business Operations, used by commercial organizations to win and manage $500+ million contracts and benefitting managers as well as federal agencies who want to gain more efficiency with government contractors such as Department of Homeland Security, US Department of State.



Need to record detailed time, materials & workforce data?

  • Manages Personnel Roster, Organization,
    Sites, Demographic Information
  • Real-Time Login/Logout Time Tracking
  • Detailed Daily Activity Hour and Count Tracking
  • In-Process Item Receipt Tracking
  • Daily Inventory Level Tracking
  • Training Status and Certification Tracking
  • Trend/Comparison Performance Tracking
  • Error Quality and Quantity Tracking
  • Reconciliation with Time Keeping and Account systems.
  • Configurable Activity Notifications

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Need to make sure your detailed time and materials data is accurate?

  • Team Activity Approval/Rejection
  • Training Approvals/Certification
  • Quality Audit Forms for Internal and External Auditors
  • Team Instruction/Commands Tools

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Need to report or export program profit margins and efficiency data?

  • Over 55+ optimized role-based reports
  • Custom Report Builder with shared libraries
  • High-Performance Scalable Reporting Engine
  • Customizable Dashboard with Charts and Widgets
  • Various Export Formats including Excel/XML

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Track Processes.
Simple & Robust.

PerformanceTrak provides a simple to use but powerful interface for contract workers to indicate when & how many tasks they performed each day or even what training they completed. With various add-ons such as clocking, materials tracking and timekeeping, the value of the data increases for managers.



Approve Data.
Ensure quality.

Ensure accuracy & accountability with PerformanceTrak’s simple but robust approval system. With an approval system & an audit trail, ensure the reliability of your data and gain additional insights into labor issues & inefficiencies.

Report Builder.
Comply & Optimize.

With PerformanceTrak reports, you get powerful tools to help you visualize and optimize your workforce. With our dashboards & report builder, the information you need will be at your team’s finger-tips in realtime.

Report Builder


PerformanceTrak enables small businesses to enterprises organizations to deliver data to stakeholders when required to break down time and materials (T&M) invoices and to improve program efficiencies.

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  • Small Business

  • On Demand SaaS
  • Less than 1000 users
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  • Enterprise

  • SaaS / Private Cloud / On-Premise
  • More than 1000 users
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